SEAS 3WC-mkI, built by Jon, Sweden
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I have finally finished a pair of SEAS Classic 3-way. The flat baffle version. I just wanted to write you and thank you for your fantastic work and contribution to all DIYers.
The speakers are great. I spend well over a year reading about possibly every project available on the internet. My wife is serious about her interior decorating so I always assumed they would have to be tall, slim and white speakers. But i wanted somthing with a little oomph. To my surprise she quite liked the idea of a classic looking speaker in some nice veneer.
Since they have to be tucked in the corner, I decided to build a sealed version. The baffle is exactly to your specifications but the depth is reduced to 28cm. Leaving some 30 litres of volume. Well stuffed. Which works well for the Ca22rnx.
I tried some different stands but finally settled on a Klipsch Heresy look. The picture do not do it justice. It looks quite good.
It was quite a challenge routing, soldering and veneering without prior experience. But i'm happy i finished it and like i said the speakers are just great.
They are sensitive, my little Rega Brio drives them well in our 40m2 living room. They strike a nice balance between details and easy listening. That means i can crank my old metal albums att high volume and still enjoy some fancy recording.
Once again thank you and feel free to publish this mail and attached pictures should you want to.
Best regards