SEAS CENTER NEXT 641, built by Petri, Finland
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
The first impressions of the speaker, the bass is surprisingly strong, even in the middle of my garage. The mids are very clear, the sound of this speaker is such, it could be used as the main front speaker, if having two of them.
Comparing to my old SA Mantra center speaker, the sound is much more dynamic and clearer. As it should be, because the cabin and the drivers are larger.
The 5 degrees tilt of the front panel takes some efforts, but is a must.
It is practical and the cabin looks great!
Routing the tweeter cut-out was surprisingly easy, because the front plate is plastic. Troels forget to mention about it in his instructions.
The final vibration test for the cabinet made using water glass and Infection Mushrooms + 100 dB - Passed.
I am very satisfied now, when Center 641 is between the TL1 mains.