SEAS CENTER 641 NEXT, built by Steven

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Mr. Gravesen
This summer, I buil
t the Center 641 Excel speaker to improve the sound quality in our home theatre and with great success!
With the old speaker and due to the room dimensions, there was a lack of bass at the listening position but with this speaker voices sound really good and natural.  May be its placement directly on the floor adds a few dB’s in the low’s but in this room that’s ok.
Because it is placed under a 120” projector screen on the floor, I thought it would be better to tune the beam angle to my listening position. So I increased the front panel angle to 15 degrees instead of 5 degrees and recalculated the dept of the cabinet to maintain the same volume as your design.
Further, I made some wooden brackets to enlarge the adhesive surfaces of the capacitors and coils at the crossover panels. Pieces of an old broomstick just matched the inner diameter of the coils.
The other two speakers with SEAS Prestige T18REX  drivers blend in nicely. I’m happy with my new front-end!
Thanks for designing and selling

B: What a joy to read the builders response page!