SEAS-CURV, built by Andreas, Sweden
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels
I have been following your outstanding work and all the wonderful builds that can be found on your site for a couple years, it is easy to find inspiration to say the least. So when my son arrived i realized that my floorstanders had to, so I decided to go for a build that would not be to much of a challenge and that would not flatten him if they were to come down.
Still it took me some time to complete the cabinets and filters, I used 19mm MDF and 4mm plywood glued on that. White stain used for finish and I got the look I wanted, even tho they might look even better veneered (would hide some mistakes as well). 
Outer dimensions : width 20, depth 29, height 31
I did go for the filters with Superior caps, ended up placing them standing on the side since they did not fit in the bottom due to bracing and soldering skills.  
When it comes to sound one can easily be fooled by the size, they play fast and tight and are very detailed. They keep the same control even if the volume is cranked up a notch or two and are a blast to listen to. Of course they wont go so deep when it comes to bass but I'm impressed of what they can deliver. 
Thank you and keep up the good work :)
You can find some attached images of the process and result.
kindest regards