SEAS Curv, built by Hugues
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


 Hello Troëls, Here are a few pics and my comments about the SEAS Curv. In the last two years I've build a pair of 5 inch mini (CA15 RLY + 22TAF/G) and the Poor Man's Strad (standard version).
Then I can say about the Curv : « what a wonderfull stand-mount ». To my ears the Curv's drivers (U16RCY/P and specialy 29TFF/W) are better than 5 inch mini or PMS drivers. Moreover, I think the superior Zcap make his very good job in the Curv's crossover. Of course, the sound stage of the Curv is smaller than PMS's one, but it seems to me that there are more details, that it's faster and more neutral.
As always, point of crossover beetween midbass and tweeter is invisible. Voices on FM tuner are realistic and neutral, without coloration. I can almost touch the musiciens and feel the material of the instruments (wood, metal, …). I easily jump into the scene at each piece of music.
It's OK with a 15 watts class A amplifier and a 25 square meter room, my lovely "case à musique". I've had good levels without any sign of distortion. Perhaps your actual job is better too !? With this last Curv, I've seen some people clapping hands at the end of a listening (Ry Cooder – Paris Texas, for example) … All the others where amased by such real music in the room.
Finaly, if I consider the investment (a little more than 400 euros) I can say that this model has a very good value for money. And a pretty good bass level for size too. In conclusion, I can say that final result really depends on cost of the drivers, size of the speakers and listening conditions.
And so thanks again Troëls, my friends and myself are realy pleased with your designs. Hugues

And the comments of one of my friend:
Recently I had the occasion to spend a few hours in "la case à musique" - that means my friend Hugues' living room, which I would rather call a professional auditorium. This time the loudspeakers in the room were Troels Gravesen's "Curv".
I've heard many loudspeakers at Hugues' place, but these "Curv" were really amazing : so much music in such a little box ! The sound of the instruments, and especially the space and the air between them : this is what surprised me the most. The speakers sound very precisely, and it's really a pleasure to hear your favourite records with the feeling that you are just discovering them. Congratulations !