SEAS CURV built by Michael, US
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels,
I have finished the pair of Seas Curv "twins."  I am very pleased with these speakers and am including some photos of the completed pair. I used Clarity ESA caps for the tweeters, the coils and other capacitors are Jantzen Audio as you specified.  As I described earlier, I added liner panels on the sides towards the back of the cabinet, and wasn't sure where to put the crossover.  I ended up dividing the crossover into 3 boards - one for the tweeter on one of the side panels, and the other two boards for the woofer on a side panel and on the cabinet bottom.
The Seas Curv is indeed a high quality loudspeaker, I think you may have undersold it a bit in your write-up!  Vocals are excellent, and the bass is impressive for a relatively small woofer.  The upper midrange is, to my ears, a bit close up and detailed, yet not fatiguing, very much to my liking.  I had the opportunity to (briefly) compare them in a local audio store to the Sonus Faber Venere  2.0, and at home with my Spendor S3/5 and B&W 601 loudspeakers.  I think the Seas Curv compares well with everything I've heard in its size and price range (say under $3K).  For a small to medium size room, I think they are excellent speakers.  The CNO, which I built previously, is a larger, fuller, and more open sounding speaker, so I prefer it in my largest listening room.
A bit about damping: most of the cabinet is lined with 3/4" 3-layer Sonic Barrier acoustic damping from Parts Express.  The photo shows some stuffing, but after experimenting I decided to remove nearly all the loose stuffing except at the top behind the tweeter.  The sound with the deep cabinet and Sonic Barrier lining is not at all boomy.
Thanks again for your wonderful designs and support!
Michael, California, USA