SEAS Curv, built by Andrew, UK
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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I thought you would be interested to see what I am doing - I have made some test cabinets before in cnc, the real thing (i hate mdf , I know its sonically dead but I use it for work a lot so its nice to work with a slightly more natural material ! ) - this may be too light it def feels it!  I will use birch ply on the real cabinets ...
I am pleased to say i have managed to mount the port on the front - i will change the bracing to more like your design on the real units - i have also been playing with the depth of the cabinet +45mm deep to see if one can get a little more bass, the built one is +45mm the other incomplete one is as drawn in your design.
Due to budget and making these in the UK,  I am using lesser Caps but what difference there is I am not sure the HF will be changed to a standard Cap not cross cap = ! the 5.6 mH coil should be a p core as you designed it I was sold the wrong ones but advised it could be corrected by using a 9.1oh resistor (vs a 10 ohm) in the circuit to compensate for the higher dc resistance (this means little to me.... !)
I have tried the one speaker only and am impressed but I was worried the above change may affect the midband balance? Also I need to dampen the cabinet properly as i am only using some acoustic wadding presently - but i am very impressed with the low frequency for the size of the unit and clarity warm but v detailed !
I will keep you posted ps . - despite the above my daughter thinks it sounds better than some 1300 spendor speakers i am using !!! Regards Andrew