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Over the last year I have been doing quite a few edge-coatings of the classic SEAS W12CY003 driver, primarily for the CNO-GRANDE and the SEAS CENTER-641. The results can be seen here.

I don't mind not having to do this any more as SEAS has launched the updated W12CY006. This driver features the edge-coating and in addition to this, a new improved magnet system and not least a titanium voice coil former.
And the good news is that it can replace W12CY003 in the two constructions mentioned above without changes to the crossover. The W12CY006 will replace the W12CY003 in future kits together with the W18CY003 midbass.

In short, the linear distortion in upper-midrange/lower-treble caused by resonances in suspension and subsequent narrow and rapid phase shifts will significantly impact sound being more sharp and edgy, where a linear response in this area is much more neutral sounding, which particularly on vocals bear fruit and to my ears it presents a deeper soundstage with a better portrayal of the recording room.
The edge-coated driver is no less dynamic, but it does not make things sound "better" than it really should, as is sometimes the case with drivers displaying significant linear distortion, which can sometimes be seductive, but none the less distorted.

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Frequency response of two units received for testing.