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The W18NX001 has been one of my few favorite 6” drivers for many years and I have used it in more than ten constructions from 2-ways to 4-ways, and always liked the synergy of resolution and non-aggressive presentation. Thus, replacing the W18NX001 for a new version with unchanged cone and suspensions, but with improved magnet system, titanium voice coil former and increased Qm, my expectations were high.
The sonic signature as such is the same except I found myself playing louder than I used to do. A sign of improved dynamic headroom, the ability to keep focus in loud passages. As for the W18NX001 it maintains a smooth response with no disturbances in the critical midrange and a roll-off  profile allowing simple crossover networks to be used.
A few measurements below on four drivers with regard to frequency response and impedance. Like the prototypes I had almost a year ago. I couldn't be more pleased than introducing these new drivers in my latest SEAS statement speaker, the CNO-4.
The new W18NX003 can replace W18NX001 in any of the CNO-mkIII, CNO-25 mkII and CNO-GRANDE constructions without changes to the crossovers.

Download specs here.

New packing with insert keeping a firm grip on magnets.


Bigger magnet and what's not to be seen, improved copper cladding of center pole piece, conical boring of the same and not least  titanium voice coil former.


Frequency response of four drivers on 80 x 120 cm baffle.


Free air impedance of the same four drivers.