The Wharfedale SFB, sand filled baffle
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen
SFB pics and comments from Brian T./UK

Dear Troels,   I had a look at your website and notice that you would like photos of there speakers. They are in constant use and look and sound wonderful! If you want any further / better photos please let me know.   Brian T.

SFB pics and comments from Jeff

Mail #1: Hi Troels   I have just acquired a pair of the above speakers and tried to go to the 1956 review but the link does not work now.  Do you have a copy of the review you could send me ?   These speakers appear to be very smooth and natural to listen to - these are my initial thoughts but I have only had them a couple of days.   Best wishes Jeff

Mail #2: Hi Troels   Your baffles look great - like you I was up to 1am because the Wharfedales were doing something right.  They are just a bit beat up grill and woodwork wise.  The drivers look stock just some newer wiring in there and modern sockets for bananas.   Like you I would like to hear these 8" Altecs to get a handle on what the fuss is all about.  I am just hoping that the SFBs are going somewhere near there.  However, your testing of Wharfedale drivers is a bit offputting and to work right I guess Gilbert would have had to strike lucky through constant testing of driver mixes - apparently he went up to 6 drivers at one point.  Do you think the drivers deteriorate a lot with age ?   The 859 is my first venture into single ended so I am a bit of a novice at this whole low power valve/ high sensitivity thing.  Also electronics is not my bag so many of my findings on trying equipment is very tied into the condition of the gear that comes my way.   Will send again in a while - have a great holiday.   Best wishes Jeff