SP44, built by Joakim/Sweden
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I'm writing to give som feedback regarding the SP44-speaker i just almost finished. Left to do are the stands were i plan to hide the crossover in. I built the SP44 as sealed standmounts as i plan to complement with multiple woofers activly crossed over in the future, to battle the room nodes. I'm mostly thinking of 4 scanspeak 10" woofers or 4 Seas L26roy.
They were constructed as a translamination with about 30 profiles made out of MDF stacked and glued together, heavily braced and with a curved profile to create a volume of around 20liters. For the finishing i bent and glued 4mm birch plywood to the MDF and finished with semi-gloss laquer. The baffles maintain your width and are made out of 18mm birch ply and 18mm MDF laminated, with a good chamfering on the inside for the woofer. I covered it with goats leather. The finish is not perfect, but i'm quite happy with them. Much better than my last try on the Poor Man's Strad. They whey around 25kg each.
They've been playing for a week now, sounding most exellent! Bass is not dissapointing despite beeing a sealed enclosure. Imaging and detail is great. I've never had better sound so far, and complemented with multiple actively crossed woofers i think i can live with these for a long time. I'm also lucky to have moved to a new house and the room seems not to have too much problems with acoustics. For the moment they play with a Roksan caspian integrated amp, and a Aune USB-coax-DAC i bougt on E-bay. Seems to be excellent quality.
Been listening daily the last week together with my newborn 3week old baby who seems to enjoy the music as well.
Thank you for a great design!
Regards Joakim, Sweden.