SP44, built by Rawin, Bangkok, Thailand
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen
Hi Troels,
I'm Rawin from bangkok, Thailand , I just finished the SP44 speaker quite few week ago, and i find the midrange is too forward due to the new Accuton C50-8-044 sensitivity is 89 db/2.80 volts, but your original sp44 use the old accuton c2-44-8 which is 85-86 db/2.80 volts (stated in your website)
You write that if you find the sound too forward, try 2R7 or 3R3 to the mid. Could you recommend me the exact number of resister ohm to use? because i want overall response still flat with new accuton driver. And here is photo of my work. Best regards, Rawin.

After i burn in my SP44 about 60 hours, the midrange that I mentioned that it's too much. It's now calm and blending with bass and treble very good. I decided not to change R in midrange.
And now aside from tonal balanced of this speaker that very good now, the dynamic, images, focus of this speaker is very clear that I never been listening this good before!
Thank you for your wonderful speaker.

Hello, Ramin!
Thanks for your response to the SP44. I'm pleased to view the construction in your very nice looking cabs. Looks great! As mentioned in earlier mail, 2R7 and 3R3 means 2.7 ohms and 3.3 ohms in replacement of 2.2 ohms, which is default.
The SP44 is a very revealing loudspeaker and I think your choice of amplifier appears really good. This speaker does not need a harsh sounding transistor amp.
Best regards and happy listening, Troels.