SP44, built by Torsten/Germany
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels.
Yesterday, in the evening, I finished temporary the first cabinet I am impressed :-)
Running now in an mixed environment (old cabs 87db), it is already an improvement in sound how will it be when both cabs are finished :-) First, Charlie Haden - Nocturne -> very precise Bass and it goes deep, I'm missing nothing, first thought when I had the 18W8531 in my hands it's tiny.
My cabs have a volume of s.th. around 30 l minus damping and crossover, so, maybe it does not go down like in a bigger volume, but who cares! Second, Diana Krall - Quiet Nights -> The voice of Diana a new dimension :-) Third, Quadro Nuevo - Mocca flor -> just a smile on my face :-)
And yes, you are correct, no impedance flattening is needed, it sounds like the SP44 is designed for the KT88;-)
Next, Design and wife This will be a small fight, she does not like the faceting of the front panel let's see who will win ;-)
Thank you very much for charing those nice Designs with us. When I'm completely ready I will send you a detailed report with pictures.
Best Regards/torsten


Hi Troels,
Actually I have started with the Project some weeks ago the cabs are almost finished, the OW1 from Oscar came, the 18W8531G00 has come, the crossover from Jantzen Audio is almost assembled just the Accuton is a problem this can take a few weeks to be delivered :-(
Here a picture of the cabs


Each curved side is 7 Layers 3mm MDF.

- and here the crossovers so far

to be continued btw the facetting of the front panel, does it make a big difference to keep the front panel like it is in the ekta??? Cheers /torsten
(The front panel layout incl. drivers' placement is vital for optimal performance of the crossover, br Troels)