SP95/EllamXT adventures by Mark Dawson, AU
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels, 

- just an update to let you know how my build is going... Ill start by saying thankyou for all the time and effort you put in to the diy audio community, without your efforts i would not have such a wonderful sounding system! Also for the help you have provided along the way.. I decided to build sp95 for my front left and right channels, ellam xt25 for my rear channels and ellam dappo for a center. i built the sp95 before with 33 litre cab and have recently rebuilt the cab with vol of 28 litre + much less resonant panels. They sound much better!! i have built with cross caps and am considering super z caps.. i wondered if there is a reason as to why super z was not stated in the crossover design for this speaker?? does every crossover design benefit from higher quality caps?? I know the basics of what crossovers do but nothing more, i try to follow your designs as closely as possible. Also on the rebuild i got the tweeter placement slightly wrong... instead of 85mm from side and 100mm from top, i put 100mm from side and 85mm from top... i was very annoyed at the mistake but cannot tell any difference to be honest. I also used the silver plated cable from john silver cable shop on ebay for the crossover, internal wiring and speaker cables. I have to say i think this is brilliant cable and will be using this for my whole setup from now on!! Ellam xt 25 is an amazing little speaker! i cannot believe the bass response for the size!! i used standard z caps. I have built the cab for the dappo center but thats all as of yet i will be using super z caps as recomended... The front panels are made from 20mm tasmanian sassafras which is an absolutely stunning very hard wood and it's beautiful to work with, i am backing it with 12mm hardwood ply and doing some heavy chamfering as i have discovered this DOES make a world of difference to midrange vocals!! The rest of the cabs are going to be sprayed satin white when they are all finished.. I can tell this is going to make an awesome surround system with my audiolab processor and hypex amplifiers. I will update with finished pics. . You may put my pics on your site if you wish. so do you think it would pay to upgrade to super z caps for sp95?? Thanks for taking the time to read.