SP95, built by David/US

- To regress for a moment, I finally decided to really step out and build one of your designs.  I sucked it up and layed down the funds for the parts to make your SP/95's.  I will attach a folder with construction pictures.  I made the tops, bottoms and sides 1" MDF and the front and backs 2 1/16" MDF (3-11/16" glued together).  I gave extra room on the bottom to allow placing the crossover on the outside, hence I made them a little deeper to compensate.  They are a little taller, but same width and driver layout.   To resume, I picked picked up the TRI amps this past Tuesday.  I came home and hooked them up.  I have a Simaudio/Moon Equinox CD player, feeding a PS Audio Digital Link III DAC.  The DAC has balanced outputs that I fed directly into the TRI amps.  And of course they are hooked up to the SP/95's.   How sweet the sound!   I will probably never go back to transistors as far as amplification.  In fact I probably won't have to buy another amplifier.  I will though, have to save up to buy a quad of Western Electric NOS 300B's.  And I have decided to buy a turntable and start spinning vinyl again.

David, Tustin, CA