ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Jannik/Denmark
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
I promised an update on my SS 3-way Discovery speakers. Time flies and over a year after I guess I'm ready. I kept the concept of the prototype stands and I like the way they ended up (see pictures). I want to point this out: Two loudspeaker-phobic wifes of friends has praised the look of these speakers! I'm sure it was the "they look good in YOUR living room" kind of praise, but they actually meant it. 
Well, they didn't mention the sound and I'm sure they like their Ipod-dock/portable streaming type of speakers better (how did mono all of a sudden become the thing again??). But they should have paid attention because these speakers are amazing! They can play anything I throw at them.  
Tonight I listened to Mercenary "Everblack" which is a Danish heavy metal band. That specific cd is actually decently made (in contrast to everything after) and so much is happening but it all comes through in details. The busy drums, the guitars, the amazing details in Kraals growling. After that Tom Petty's "Southern accents" in a 24bit/96khz version and that old hippie was right in the room. A really tight and engaging sound. Level 42 "Running in the family" - it's just fun to follow that bass and these speakers allow you to. When you get to "it's over" the space in the sound and the presence in his voice underlines what a shitty brake-up that must have been. Then C.V Jørgensen's "Vild i varmen". That just have to be on vinyl - look at the pictures, I think you might recognize parts of the turntable. This LP is so much better than what I have digital with him and the SS3WDs presents all the details to enjoy it. Now I'm spinning Steven Wilson's "4 1/2" and it is delivered with such a presence that it is easy to be drawn back to the live performance in the Copenhagen Concert House which was stellar.
I could stop building now because in my opinion we are so high up in the price range of comparable commercial speakers that I probably never would have had this good sound if I had to buy. But of cause that isn't going to happen. To be able to reach this kind of performance with affordable drivers can help make you curious. An added bonus of having build the SS3WDs is that you can use the treble and bass drivers 4 discovering a certain other speaker and then use the midrange for a certain third speaker for the kids :-) For now I will continue enjoying these speakers though because I'm far from ready to let them go just yet.
Thank you as always.
br, Jannik

Hi Troels,

In my review of the Curvs I wrote that I hoped to return again with a new build before winter was over. Well, we are just into spring now but I've completed a set of ScanSpeak 3-way Discoveries yesterday :-)
And what an amazing looking speaker that is! I made a quick prototype stand inspired from the one you displayed your original 3-way Classic on and I think the speaker looks stunning on that. I had been tempted by the original but when you came out with the MkII I thought they just looked fantastic the way you did them and with the ScanSpeak version I was sold.
I went forth and back between the MKII and the SS version but ultimately went with SS. Each driver is interesting on its own and I wanted to try something else than SEAS this time, only to get some experience.
I wanted to build from baltic birch this time to get some experience and to do that I needed to tool up on the saw. I looked into table saws but ultimately I couldn't justify it and went with a good plunge saw with a track system (Makita) which I can use in other upcoming projects. 
To other DIY'ers who find them selves in that situation I can highly recommend a plunge/track saw. When you get to know your saw, and you need to, you can make beautiful accurate cuts. In all the cutting I did not ONCE get an edge rip(when I did things properly). You work top down with the track pressing down on the grain and working on a table will put pressure below as well. I've learned that the blade which comes with the saw I bought is of a very high quality and I guess that makes a lot of difference.
I made 4 absorber panels and a corner trap to begin with and that learned me a lot about the saw. Still, taking that experience to wood twice the thickness gave surprises. Especially when doing bevel cuts.

One other tool upgrade I made was a new soldering station. I bought a fairly cheap digital station (about €70) where you can set the desired temperature. It made a world of difference. I'm very happy with the result and I was much less pleased with the process of soldering the Curv crossovers with cheap soldering pens.
The speakers have some 10 hours of playback so I will not go much into sound until later. But I can already confirm the exceptional mid range you report on your pages. Very holographic and smooth flowing soundstage. Bass is super detailed too but I still need to find the best place for them not to engage the room too much (I'm kind of allergic to that). I'm super excited to get to know them more knowing that they will improve even further when run in.
br, Jannik