ScanSpeak 3WC, built by Pontus

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Been playing on them for a couple of days now. Sound is full and detailed and sounds fairly holographic with good recordings. Want to get another couple if weeks on them for acclimatization/softening of speaker surrounds before critical listening sessions.
The bass output is impressive for the size and midrange seems ideal for electric guitars. Being a metal head it's really nice to listen to music that normally shred my ears but now sounds acceptable.
Can't help to wonder what a 5" midrange would have sounded like in these - perhaps I'll look into the Audiotechnology or SB Acoustics classic 3-ways when next urge to build hits me. I do still have a BB plywood 21 mm sheet left from this build..
Regarding the build the kit from Jantzen was straight forward. A minor comment could be that adding 1 m silver wire for black and red would be useful - adding another 10-20 Euros wouldn't matter and spare us less experienced the problem of finding out that the mid cab wires are 5 cm too short in final stage of assembly :)
The rest of the build was straight forward but I quickly came to realize the importance of high quality table saw. The Bosch GTS 10 XC I bought for this build is just not good enough in standard guise for long straight cuts so the money I'll spend on getting it to cut and measure perfect should've been spent on a higher quality Axminster saw instead.
Attached is a pic of the speakers - not sure what finish I'll end up with. Likely I'll pant them white - I'll send a picture of that if you want to use on your site.
Looking forward to read about your upcoming projects in 2021. Let's hope this year will be better for all of us.
Thanks for your help through the build