ScanSpeak Illuminator Monitor, built by Manuel
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
This weekend we changed the resistance of CA18RLY (tweeter). We've put the 3.3 and the sound is much improved. Less metal is softer. And up the volume appear the bass. To me it is very fine. But my friend Kike , misses some of the shine of cymbals drums. The resistance of 2,7can be the solution? Will test to see if you think it is correct that test.

We have also finished the prototype of the Illuminator. The first impression is very good . The bass is very good. He also medium. But the highs are somewhat muted . All unlike the first print of CA18RLY . Garbarek 's sax in The Rites , is highly attenuated and low sounds . The percussion is heard more than the sax. The plates of the battery are generally attenuated without harmonics . But the female vocals are quite nice. We have used the resistance of 3.3. . This change will go to 2.2 (or 2.7 , if you can ) and try. By the way, we forgot to seal the tweeter. t may be that the problem? We'll do before changing anything . he components used, are the kit level 1. Attached photo with damping. Bitumen in all the walls , except the front . Also the felt. And two layers of the acoustilux in botton . And a layer on the back and top. In the floorstander version , you use more acoustilux . I do not know if you will be here too. Now it's the turn of my Jenzen!!!
Best regards, Manuel