ScanSpeak 3WC, built Thomas, Denmark
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels, 
Having followed you for more than 10 years I thought I would show my recently finished version of the 3-way Scan-Speak Discovery.

I did minor modifications to the dimensions to have it being a floor standing speaker instead of using stands. I know I broke pretty much the first rule in your book - modifying the front panel dimensions, but the size of the living room and WAF had to be taken into account. The internal volume remained identical but the front panel and the depth was made a bit narrower to make the appearance less massive, but also to get the correct height. Crossover remained unchanged. Front cover is attached with velcro for easy/quick removal for serious listening.
Despite cabinet changes I'm very impressed with the sound quality. I came from a 2-way Scan-Speak/Peerless construction supplemented with a 10" Peerless XXLS/Hypex 4.0 sub that I thought did a pretty good job. I primarily listen a lot of electronic music and rock that the Discovery reproduce that type of music great. But I also have to say that in particular voices and acoustic music is a joy. The bass from these speakers is great. I'm not sure if it was the breaking in of the speaker or just me slowly adjusting to the sound of them, but after about a week, I had to switch off the sub for the majority of the time - simply just to much bass. Turning off the sub is one of the big gains over the previous setup - getting the sub integrated to the main speakers always proved a challenge. For now I have stuck with your recommended default tweeter resistor.
And then again - the cost taken into account. The construction set me back probably 900-1000 euro everything included. Great bang for the buck.