ScanSpeak A50 response
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Hello Troels,
It was a treat to hear and see your Ellipticor A-50 speakers at AXPONA last weekend. The fit and finish of the cabinets was first rate, and much more apparent in person. The sound was also spectacular even with a suboptimal room. As might be expected, they were displayed in a small hotel room with the bed and side tables removed. There were no acoustic treatments, so with a large window behind and walls close to the left and right, it was impressive that I could still hear a difference in the way that midrange dome radiates sound (as you described in your write up). I’m sure it would sound even better in a more appropriate setting.
Scan-Speak had a couple of engineers there, and I spoke to one who had very nice things to say about you. Sorry I don’t recall his name (Dan maybe?) but he was much younger than I would have expected, and he was very informative about the development of those drivers.
Finally, my experience at AXPONA made me feel great about my Loudspeaker II build. I have around 6 thousand US dollars (and granted, a lot of time) invested in that project. For my size listening room and the kind of listening I do, I feel they could hold their own with anything there. I went into a room with speakers advertised at $270,000/pair with mono-blocks at $115,000 each. I didn’t bother to notice the brand name. If I lived in a house that included a ballroom sized listening room, maybe these would be the ticket, but I am quite happy with my TL2! Thanks again for making this level of sound quality available and financially accessible for the rest of us!