Scoperta, built by Andres
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels: I had finished today the Scoperta Project. Because I'm not a good carpenter, I ask to a good one to made the boxes. I ask him to make the little space in the bottom to have more deep to make bigger room for big capacitors and inductors, then I use an 4.7 MR Clarity Cap, and Mundorf supreme resistors, an a 1.2mh Alphacore inductor, the rest of components were as the original Scoperta. I hearing right now and this speakers have very good bass as any well designed TL speaker, and disappear very well in the room, have a wide soundstage. However is early to say how these speakers will sound when full brake in, but I give my early thoughts regarding this speakers. Thanks to you and John Eekels for this great project, Andres Silva