Studio 101, built by Braydon
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


 Hi Troels,
I recently built your Studio 101 speakers. The sound is lovely; a really nice addition to my studio's NS-10M's. I just had one question when reviewing the final build: I noticed that you made a measurement based on an inverted tweeter polarity, and was wondering if you had chosen to invert the tweeter in your final design, or if you had decided to stick with the schematics? Sorry for my confusion here.
Thank you so much for the design and your input at the beginning of this project.
Regards, Braydon

Hi Troels,
Thanks for your response. Good to know about the crossover. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures during the build process, but I have some of them finished. I decided on edge-edge walnut veneer. The build process took quite a while as I had to laminate a piece of 3/4" mdf with small pieces of 1/8" baltic birch to get the 22mm thickness… I haven't been able to get the standard stuff since I left South Africa for the US. I think they came out quite nice, although looking back I would probably choose Oak veneer. (BTW, the table is bent, not the base of the speaker!) Hope all is well in Denmark.   Regards and thanks again,   Braydon