ScanSpeak Studio 101, built by William, AU
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Thanks very much for your designs and making them available in tandem with Jantzen, who were very personable. 
I work in the architecture industry here in Melbourne and through that came across the hardwood (Australian spotted gum) plywood that these speaker cabinets are made from. It’s made by a company called Big River and is very heavy, rigid and dense, so I went for 21mm and adjusted your Studio 101 drawings to suit the material while maintaining the correct volume (I went for 22 litres with the port to the back). I had the ply CNC machined by a local company I work with occasionally to make architecture models. 
After a little hand planing and sanding to fit the cabinets together with drivers, the cabinets went together very snuggly with taped mitres. They were sanded then finished with Danish oil (no polyurethane). Damping as per your instructions, very handily stapled in with an upholstery staple gun. 
I’m very happy with the sound; I grew up listening to my dad’s ProAc Super Towers, which have the same Scanspeak drivers, and the sound is just the right blend of clarity and warmth for my ears. These are a sensible sized speaker for the room I now have them in and the sound continues to improve with some hours mounting up.
No doubt I’ll be back for another project at some point, please keep up the good work! I’m happy to help anyone who is considering CNC’ing one of your speaker builds - it’s a good alternative for people like me without fully functioning workshops at home.