Studio 101, built by Younes
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen
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Hi Troels.
Few times ago, I finished a pair of Studio101 from a SuperiorZ kit purchased at Jantzen (see attached pics, they aren't laquered yet). I use them since 2 years to record and mix in my studio. They are coupled to a class D amplifier (Gemincore CL3) and I'm very happy with the sound. Clean, detailed and well-balanced. It's been a long time I wanted to write you, first to thanks you to share your fantastic job. I also wanted your advise on possible improvements. I would like to add a sub and wanted to know if you would have a recommendation in DIY models. To further improve my system I plan to modify it to an active one with digitals filters and would need to know the frequency correction you did in the passive filter to apply them in my system. Do you think that this would make noticeable improvement? Concerning the passive filter, I noticed that the RLC circuit is cabled as RCL in your crossover's pics. Does this matter?* Thanks in advance, and sorry for my poor English. If something is not clear, don't hesitate to ask. Best. Younes
* The orientation of an LCR circuit doesn't matter. Can be LCR, CLR, etc. Does the same thing. Best regards Troels