STUDIO 101 mkII, built by Giampaolo
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Mr. Gravesen
I have a curiosity. I made his projects for two of my friends. First the one with the seas CA15RLY/22TAF. The system I normally use was insufficient to play them for clipping problems (I suppose, not being an audio technician) . As in the photo I use an amplifier parallel single ended of 2A3 with, about, 8.5 W of maximum power. With a more powerful amplifier, 25W class A, they sounded really good. So a friend asked me if I could do the STUDIO 101 mkII.
It was a surprise to hear them play without clipping problems with the same 2A3 amplifier even if, as you can see, it was just a test run before finishing the job . What was the efficiency of seas speakers?
In all cases, thanks for the excellent projects.

The small SEAS is about 85 dB for 2.8 volts, where the STUDIO 101 mkII is around 86 dB, so on paper there may not be that much difference. Also the impedance is much the same, so I can't tell why one seems better suited for your amp than the other.
Best regards Troels