Studio 101, built by Juan, Spain
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello mr Troels
I am Juan from north of Spain.
I have finished my Studio 101, my first DIY. What to say. Lot of test with different internal volumes, tweeter attenuations, front ported, rare ported .... very funny.
Finally 1mm real ash tree glued, a stands to get the right high...and finished ¡¡¡ The sound: Overall the sound is very good. Maybe higs and bass line are better than mids, but if the record quality is good that sensation tend to disappear. Capacitors i have fixed in woofer are not as good as in twitter. May be  that...
Easy to listen to, inexpensive, they sound great if you turn up the volume, good information (not many micro detail in mids). Very happy.
Thanks a lot for supporting me during construction and sharing your knowledges with us. You are great. Feel free to publish in builders response. I am thinking in a new project. But that is for another day.
Best Regards