TJL2W, built by Douglas
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

A very good evening to you Troels.
I have finished my project of the little 2 way JTL’s and enclose a few pictures for your perusal.  I didn’t end up increasing the level of the tweeter in the end.  After lots and lots of listening, I think it’s about right especially with the tweeters in the inside as I also think it focuses the treble more.  The bass is firm and controlled, helped in part by my amazing Creek Destiny 2 integrated amplifier.  Low level detail is very nice and Catrin Finch’s harp is stunning!!  Quite a bit more space than I thought there would be.  Thank you for ALL of the help you have given me in getting to the end of my first – proper – project.  You are an absolute mine of information and a gent to be happy to share the knowledge that you have with us mere mortals.
Again, thank you for everything and kindest regards from an avid fan,