TJL2W-Neo3 version
- and the never ending clone
built by Johnny

Hi Troels,
Just wanted to tell you that the completion of the speakers above have been a success. The Proac 2.95 are in a cherry veneer with real cherry plinths. The TJL's are in a mahogany, stained in a dark red oak. The TJL's are a little modified with the port facing downward though the plinth. It actually worked out really well, especially for my horrible room placement.
As for the sound, the Proac's have incredible bass extension and are a little laid back compared to the TJL's. I haven't spent much time with  the Proac's since it's in my friends system.
The TJL's have one of the best upper midranges I've ever heard. Acoustic guitar is so lifelike it's scary. Not hearing the original design I would say this speaker is a little forward and aggressive but not in a ear bleeding way. The distortion levels are amazing with this combo of drivers, very clean sounding. Accurate without being bright or too dry.

A project taking approximately about a year for both speakers in my friends workshop, I've become addicted and can't wait for the next project. Except working with MDF, just nasty and dusty. I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful designs and all your help through e-mail... JohnnyP.