TJL3W, built by John
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels, I truly enjoy you site with all variety and variations of the speaker builds and great amount of information on why’s and how’s of your designs. I currently am enjoying the TJL3W that I upgraded from the TJL2W that I built after Kevin made his report to you, This was a construction of both MDF and Baltic Birch plywood sandwich for the baffle and back, mdf for the sides and BB ply for the braces, The caps in series were upgraded from solens to Jantzen superiors and 22uf mundorf supremes (the Jantzen 22uf no longer available from Parts Express) The speakers were great in my apartment for both music and movies as the details remained even at low listening levels late into the evening. I move to my own home during the Financial Crash as rent was continuing up and home prices continuing down. I had some placement issues due to the arrangement of the house I live in, also I had the freedom to play the stereo quite a louder then what would have been acceptable in a third storied Apt. Building.Thus being a choice between best sound or best living arrangement, the room I now occupy being much narrower then my apt. and very limit positions for my treasured couch. I compromised on both ends, but regardless the bass tended to boom. After several attempts to alleviate the situation, I built some subwoofers using the Seas L26ROY Drivers in a sealed 40 liter box, a MiniDSP unit for the Low Pass filter-Equalization and a Anthem P2 amplifier, on the upper end the outputs of my Plinius M16 Preamp feed a Marchand XM46SB high pass passive line level filter (24db slopes, 100 hz) to a Jungson Hedo amp (the 110 volt version of the Dura I am assuming, I bought it back in January, from Grant Fidelity , Canada). I also have on hand a Music Reference RM-9 tube amplifier but it requires service after developing a hum problem on both channels. After recently upgrading the caps , I also decide to replace the one out of spec inductor (4.5 air core for the proper 4.7 low ohm cored version). I now have available my Lenova X220 along with Dayton Audio EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphone to equalize the Minidsp unit as well as measure the output of the TJL’s. I did find that Aurom Cantus G2si sensitivity was lower than advertised , requiring use of a 2.7 resistor in lieu of the 4.7 for the JP3 shown on diagram. So how does it sound? All told very well, the bass is very tight with no boom and I can now play Hot Chip’s “Coming On Strong” CD without having to worry that the W18E001’s cones popping out of their cores. Since I have a wide gamut of musical tastes and some of it depends on frequency extremes I very please that the TJL’S + subs can play soft ,can play loud, have no problem with soundtracks (given reasonable volume) and are as revealing as they are without be annoying (as some loudspeakers are, as in playing opera). I also built a set of W15CY001 + Hiquphon OWI for my sister (the first version) and was utterly charmed by them. I have learned about the science and art building loudspeakers from your site and also just began to gleam the amount of work and knowledge required and will always be grateful for your contribution to my musical enjoyment. Cheers, John VanBelkom