TJL3W built by Lance/UK

Hello Troels,
I'm sure you get lots of emails -but i hope you have time in your busy world for little old me!
My name is Lance, I am (only) 23. and possibly to your surprise have already built a pair of your lovely tjl3w speakers. I consider these a life keeper and probably my most cherished posession.
The sound is (in my opinion) an eye opener. For me it's this simple - the sound available from my setup is, and will only ever be limited by the electronics connected to these speakers. How could i ever ask any more!
I'm sorry i havent contacted you before, and feel bad writing this as i have done little in return for what you have given me. I've yet to put a finish on them - I keep changing my mind on what they should be! At the moment I'm thinking black silk velvet no less! This brings me on to my next project; I wish to build a complete 5 speaker system for surround sound (these lossless audio formats on blue rays are getting good you know!)
So the first question is do you think that the seas W15CY001 and Hiquphon super mini monitor would work as a center speaker? And the same again for surround - though i feel the center is more important. I have looked into the human voice range (as this is the main purpose of the center channel) and it seamed ok.
I felt the incredible nature of the TJL3W to produce natural voice would be a perfect start - as i find most if not all surround systems seam to fall flat when it comes to this channel. -sounding boxy.
If not-is there a path you could recommend looking into for this purpose-ie maby a MTM setup-(you would know much more than me about the feasability of this) by the way - feel free to post any message i send.
All the best and warmest regards,

Hello again,
I thought i would get the pics to you as is, and when i finsh them i will send those as well. If you are energy conscious you wont want to look at the last pic- 2.5kva transformer!
The sound is wonderful, but i feel i need more dynamics-more get up and go! thats why i purchased the parasound amp.-to be honest i dont feel that this has solved the problem to the level i had hoped. The problem is im not entirely sure what has caused this, there are many different opinions on the net about this- it it the efficiancy of the drivers? 85db. i have read that the efficiancy is not something that can be overcome with more power-but as i have said, there are many opinions on this.
Is it possible to increase the excitement factor of the speaker while maintaining the fantastic transparancy(adding drivers??), or would you suggest i look at another project?
I must admit the dtqwt is interesting!- but is it as sweet as the excel drivers? I listen to everything but i realy love rock music and large scale classical. i like a snappy rhythmic sound-but natural.-ive got a pair of vifa xt25tg's from another project spair- i quite like them. Due to this -the surround setup is obviously on hold-for now.
Hope your keeping well,