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Hello Troels
First of all: Thank you of this great speaker!
I finished my 6 month TJL3W speaker project about 3 weeks ago, and have to say I'm very pleased to have them finally in my living room. The first time we connected these speakers to an amplifier and played something was quite something. They just sounded perfect, and after couple of hours of listening that impression strengthened: these speakers were lot better than anything I had heard before. Even my parents were amazed of the sound quality of these speakers although they are not very music orientated.
First tests were made in my parent's house (wood construction) and there bass section was blameless. Overall bass level was just right and bass sound was very tight and accurate. Then we brought speakers to my apartment (stone walls). The bass section was not so great anymore. It was easily a LOT better than with my older speakers but something was not right. My apartment just simply amplifies these lower frequencies too much and something had to be done. For the first time of my life I had to lower the bass level on my amplifier! Now it is lot better but you can't get the bass sound of larger room of a wooden house in an apartment (sorry to say). Nevertheless the bass section is very tight and easy to follow with right record. Although the size of the bass cone is only one half of my old speakers, they still go about 10Hz lower with more detail.
Middle section is amazingly detailed and easy to follow and same applies to tweeter as well. OWI is just great tweeter and with W12CY001 they work flawlessly together. The tweeter sound is just silky. There aren't any peaks common to different tweeters what makes tweeter sound uneven and exhausting to listen. I think knowing this is a low distortion tweeter doesn't hurt either...
Compared to my old speaker (large paper bass cone, soft dome mid and tweeter, 20year old), it feels like a curtain of fog would have been removed (maybe removed distortion). Especially bass and mid are outstanding. Downside of this speaker is that they are not polite to bad sounding records. Actually I noticed that in my collection there are only few records that can really show most of the potential of these speakers. Good sample is Liquid Tension Experiment vol 1 (this is an instrumental rock album). I  wish all records would have same kind of drum track sound quality. My friend has Amphion Creon2 speaker, which also has very good sound, but in my opinion they sound a little cold and hollow, although has very good spatial presentation and high frequency accuracy. TJL3W has, in my opinion, better tonal balance and bass accuracy combined with great mid bass (this is matter of taste of an individual. you have to test different speakers yourself) . Nevertheless when the friend was testing my TJL3W's using music common to him, almost only thing he was able tell about the sound was: "Speakers sound better when played with higher volume". With this he meant my speakers sound this good because I used higher volume than he is accustomed to when listening...
My conclusion is that TJL3W is a great speaker (even compared to price) in right environment and good sounding record. Seas magnesium drivers with low distortion seems to make the trick. I think my next improvement to my sound system won't be a better amplifier or better speaker cables (I use Supra Ply), but better room for listening. Stone walls are killing some of the pleasure with loud bass resonances. You need to hear the difference yourself to believe it. If I can't afford to buy a new house, I will have to settle for having large bass resonators (I don't mean my speakers) in my living room.
My sound reference is Sennheiser HD600 Headphones. Compared to HD600, TJL3W has equal or better performance except for bass section where room resonances has an influence. I really love HD600's but with TJL3W I'm using loudspeakers more nowadays. And remember, TJL3W get's better the louder you play them!
As a small gesture of your effort, I have attached a couple of pictures of my long lasting TJL3W project.
Keep Up The Great Work & Best Regards:

PS. It would be very interesting to see you having a project with Jordan JXR6 full range elements (or other full range elements). Have you tried them? A friend of mine bought couple of them a while ago and they sounded quite nice even installed to cardboard box. Of course they can't be played very loud and they don't have deep bass, but the accuracy of mid range and tweeter... Waiting to hear them in proper installation with a subwoofer. I think the component list of TJL3W lacks 2pc 10uF capacitors...

Thanks a lot for your excellent report back on the TJL3W. I couldn't be more pleased. Please allow me to add your pics and comments to my website. Launching a rather expensive project like the TJL3W always makes me a bit uneasy, because will people like it or think it's just a step on the never ending road to aural nirvana...
A red TJL3W! Why not? Really looks cool. I think you're right about the TJL needing a bit of power. The compromise of making a small speaker like the TJL producing relatively deep bass is lack of efficiency, thus needs a bit of power. However, due to the good dispersion of the W12 I enjoy it equally well a low levels. My 50 wpc valve power amp does well with the TJL3W - and my 150 wpc Rotel power amp even better. Possibly a heavy 50 watt class-A amp might do really well. My experience says that the TJL3W grows with the gear in front. The neutrality of the magnesium drivers clearly display weaknesses in recording.
You're right about the 10 uF cabs. Two more is needed. File has been corrected.Thanks.
Best regards Troels

Hello Troels
You have my permission to put the feedback and pictures to your webpage. With power I meant that, similar to headphones, because distortion level is very low, the speaker gets better the louder you play it (and for that reason I always found myself playing at quite high level). There's a lot of headroom available and sound won't beam at normal listening volumes.
Ones in Finnish hifi magazine was an article that said: When similar speakers with diffrent colors were tested with people, red color was thought to increase bass. Blue color added treble. Black was overal good color but little inaccurate. Yellow had the best overall performance. Maybe that is the reason for my red cabs... :)
Best regards