TQWT, built by Giulio
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen
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Dear Troels,
Thanks you for sharing your experience and knowledge through your web site and for giving people like me (with not so much experience…) the opportunity to build these wonderful speakers!
I finished my TQWT about one week ago and they are my first DIY speakers. I’m very very pleased with the sound (even if they are still in break-in period). I’m not good to describe the sound but I can say it is what I expected by reading the articles on your site and other people’s reports: effortless, open, dynamic, with an excellent rendering of voices, a very fast bass (without any boominess) and a perfect integration of midrange and tweeter.
Please find attached a few pictures: as you can see I built them with 22 mm MDF according to your project and then painted (and finally also my wife was pleased with the result, which is not bad at all...!)
Thanks for your kind support and…keep up the good work!  Giulio


Hi Troels,

please find attached a couple of pictures of my new tube amplifier. My comments are below and, as you already know, I'm really satisfied with it: I find it a much better match with the TQWT compared to the previous hybrid amplifier. Thanks!