TQWT, built by Istvan
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Enclosures of my TQWT speakers were finished on last Saturday. They were made by a friend who is a professional carpenter/custom furniture maker. He made a very nice work. Base material is MDF covered by lightish ash wood. Front is combined MDF with precovered furniture chipboard. Front edges are made of solid ash wood. So this is a similar arrangement than what Troels used but in a lighter color.
I used arrangement and suggestions of Troels where it was possible in my case. I liked them and did not want to invent the wheel again. I made a small gallery about the finished speakers for friends - including the enclosures and your parts too:
Scews of the drivers are not finalized because I am still looking for nice screws. I am not sure at the moment if I want to use black or metal ones. I will decide.
I must say it is not easy to buy nice black wood screws in Hungary.  
Human voices, acoustical instruments and sound stage are nice, better than on my previous speakers, although there are just about 5-10 hours on these boxes until now. They seem to be more honest than my previous ones were. So they are continuously changing and developing. I expect stronger base and more balanced sound after several weeks of usage.
At this moment I am using the TQWTs from a 5W SE triode amp (it is my own design - I design and build electronics myself). I will try some class A and AB PP solid state and hybrid stuff in the near future too. I have 3 self-designed amps at the moment. I am interested which one is the best choice for these speakers.
I will send you more photos after finishing the assembling fully (screws...).
Thank you so much for this nice and easy kit!
Boldog karácsonyt kívánok!