TQWT, built by Vuk, NZ
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
We finally finished speakers aprox end of February. First thing that I noticed are human voices, both male and female, they are very clean and natural, at the same time and equally impressive was soundstage from these speakers, it is huge (newer heard Diana Krall Live in Paris to sound so good). The sound have changed a whole lot since the first few days of playing music. I would say that soundstage grew and the bass became deeper after month of intensive listening. I can just agree with other people’s findings: effortless, open, dynamic, with great bass and natural vocals. Thanks again for your time and help during construction process.
Regards, Vuk & Misko New Zealand

Hi Troels,
One more time thanks and please find enclosed couple of pictures and I will send you some more next weekend. Kindest regards, Vuk NZ

Hi Troels,
Just started new project for/with my friend we decided to make your TQWT. My friend mostly listen jazz some classical and bit of Clapton etc. His listening room is reasonably small so we believe that TQWT will be perfect speaker for him. Please find enclosed some pictures (nothing new to you but we wanted to show what we are doing). I will send you more pictures in next couple days.

Thanks for your time and I love the look of your new speaker’s (ats and ats4).
Kindest regards, Vuk NZ