TQWT-mkIII, built by Michele
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi, I finished your tqwt...jantzen kit...they are amazing.

I spent about a month on building these speakers. I used 25mm baltic birch for sides, front, top and rear panels, and 19mm MDF for insides.  Structure is very solid, each speaker's weight is about 35kg.
I laqued them by myself with glossy white.
Something about the sound:
The sound of tqwt is very complete from bass to high frequencies. First impression (only after about  20 hours playing) is of a round presentation and very deep bass. I think that the woofer will come out more fast and clean in a hundred hours of playing because it needs some assestment.
Mids are very very sweet and using a tube amp they become more fluids and musical.
Highs are spectacular: the tweeter is audax TW033 and it is something like fast and open but it never sounds pointy or edgy. It always sounds full and airy. Sibilance is not here and you can listen at them with no fatigue, anyway.
Stereo image is spectacular but you need to place the speakers in the right position to the listening point. If right positioned, these speakers are capable of an holographic stereo image comparable to thousand-dollars commercial products.
Bass is the most real and natural i have ever heard: tight, fast and deep and no boomy as a bass reflex could be in a medium/small room placement.
I have noticed dynamics is not at top level since now but i guess it can be better after many hours of playing.
So these speakers are something new with the respect of all classic ported speakers and I can surely recommend them to everyone who wants listen to the music with a natural impact and also with low power amplifiers due to their high sensitivity. In this case, different amps produce different sounds.
Thanks Troels for your explendid job!