TQWT-mkIII, built by Pablo
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr Gravesen,
A few months ago you kindly replied to my email and suggested a particular model for a valve kit, a SE with KT 120. Without hesitation I venture myself in this very personal project, engaging with every detail, taking all design decision as an opportunity to express myself, tell things and create great stories. Simply enjoying every step of the way.
Today, I seat in the comfort of my living room delighted in the results of a victoriously completed project and I couldn't be happier. For that Mr Gravesen, I am grateful, not only for your genuine recommendation, but also for your unintended encouragement.
The execution in carpentry is 22mm MDF veneered in Guayubira wood, from South America, material that Pablo García from Buenos Aires mastered with amazing craft, dedication and patience. The natural brown colors of the wood, contrast with two little white stones placed beautifully as a design detail that has special meaning to me, since they are a symbol of great moments with my daughter and her partner, Catalina and Luciano, that live in a different continent, in Barcelona Spain. For me, those little white dots, have a connection to my family and the Mediterranean sea.  
At the bottom, you will find machined and anodized aluminum bases giving support and stability. The components are exactly as you recommended, except for some Mundorf Supreme capacitors that replaced the Jentzen ones.
In essence, your generosity in sharing design results not only in sound, waves and music, but also in meaningful projects and creative release. It is my way to share my passion with the ones I love, my instrument to connect with people, collecting memories and creating bonds. Once again, thank you.
Attached you will find some images of your boxes, finally completed and installed.
Kind regards from Argentina, Pablo