TQWT, built by Steve, UK
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels

Just wanted to send you my thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with us via your website.

I slowly built my pair of TQWT over a few months last year as I have a busy family/work life. Now they are built and run in, the sound seems to me to be very open and so clear. I have placed my speakers about 30 cm from my wall and there is just the right amount of bass response. Each time i make an upgrade to my amp or cables I hear the difference.

I made a few changes to the design which may be of interest to others.

1. Cabinet are constructed from 18mm MDF with Oak veneer. The front baffle has been reinforced with 18mm birch plywood. The internal and rear panels are also birch ply. The cabinet has been strengthened over the original design by creating rebate joints all the way along the front, side and rear panels. (Took hours of careful routing work!) I kept the same internal dimensions.

2. All the panels where cut accurately on a large workshop saw by Joram at Good Timber. He also used a 1 router bit to round off the front corners.

3. Mundorf supreme 9% silver solder throughout

4. Hand made cables where made with fine silver wire in PTFE sleeve, used throughout. Each speaker has six lengths of 0.5mm wire. Bought a 100g reel for a sensible price from wires.co.uk

5. I used Evo Stick, waterproof glue as recommended by Audio - Components UK


Thanks Steve, I'm sure you must be a good dad, fence around speakers rather than a fence around your kid :-) Troels