Test of ScanSpeak tweeters R3004/662000 and R3004/602010
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

These two tweeters a quite alike and feature the same diaphragm and voice coil. Main difference is the face plate, rear chamber and magnet system. The 662010 has a stronger magnet, thus higher sensitivity. 602010 comes at close to 100 EUR less than the 662000, not insignificant. I've seen the tweeter at 119 EUR, which is a bargain.
The small faceplate of the 602010 allows very close placement to the midrange driver, reducing crossover lobing. I've used both in various systems and really can't tell the difference in terms of sonic quality. Here a few measurements to display any possible differences.

I made a baffle for both tweeters and with the added cardboard a baffle of 55 x 100 cm, enough to allow valid frequency response down to around 200 Hz. Measurements were done at 0.25 meter distance and input adjusted to resemble 1 meter/2.8 volts conditions.

Download specs here: R3004/662000  and  R3004/602010

Left: 662000 unit 1 and 2. Sensitivity around 91-92 dB/2.8 volts. Right: Same for 602010 and some 90 dB sensitivity.
Generally these tweeters are like matched pairs. One reason to pay a little more for SS tweeters.
Overall sensitivity is significantly above specifications and I checked by calibration and actual voltage applied - and this is what I get.

Left: Impedance of two 662000 tweeters showing Fs = 500 Hz. Right: 602010 tweeters, Fs = 450 Hz.
Quite remarkable low resonance for the small tweeter, but the rear chamber really isn't so small after all.

Left: 662000, right 602010, dispersion at 0, 10, 20 , 30 and 40 deg off axis. I didn't expect any difference here and there isn't.
Pay notice to Y-axis, only 25 dB, hence the rather uneven response.

Above the 662000 tweeter unit 1 and 2. Fairly clean cumulative spectral decay with not apparent resonances in all of the working range.

The 602010 display minor resonances from 2-7 kHz but these are some 20+ dB down and nothing to worry about.

Above distortion test of 662000. Left @ 1.4 volt/1 meter and to the right @ 2.8V/1 meter. Measurements were performed at 0.25 meter distance, hence high SPL levels.
Green is 2nd and blue is 3rd harmonics.

Above distortion test of 602010. Left @ 1.4 volt/1 meter and to the right @ 2.8V/1 meter. Measurements were performed at 0.25 meter distance, hence high SPL levels.

Distortion levels for these two tweeter are very much alike and if there had to be a winner it would be the 602010, but the differences are insignificant and probably due to the smaller magnet of the 602010. If they were tested at same SPL level, they would probably be the same.