The Loudspeaker-1, built by Augustus, US

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

When I first saw The Loudspeaker (TL) I knew what they were all about. No further explanation needed. I had to have them.
I built TL plus, extra brace in the horn section, extra brace in the bass section, and front baffle like TL2. Passive kit. Viawave tweeters. No BB ply available. Used local birch ply, front baffle 42mm, back top bottom sides 30mm, bracing 18mm. Maple framing around front baffle. Sycamore for the tweeters. Ports 4” PVC pipe, id 103mm. Adhesives; Titebond III, DAP weldwood (matting), Loctite powergrab general (crossover), all worked well. I used biscuits on all joints. I made stands, not shown, out of 4X4 pine connected with 1.25” dowels. Finished with Osmo polyx satin.
Do not regret but would not do it again department: Use of biscuits on corners, added strength and made clamping easy but made the glue-up very difficult. 42mm front baffle, many construction difficulties.
My shop is 7m wide X 14m deep X 6m high. TL are on roll-around stands 1m high. The sound is a dynamic masterpiece. Very few speakers project this kind of dynamic image. The speakers are surprisingly quite. It does take quite a bit of power to fill this space with sound. The speakers are surprisingly immune to placement. Electrostatic and planar speakers project an unparalleled image and detail however they do not make that tingling sensation go up one’s spine when you hear a massive riff like TL does. I lot of people after listening walk away shaking there heads, they just can not admit how bad it makes there small precision monitors sound. You better have excellent sources and electronics these speakers will reveal every flaw. You must have TL.
Thank you Mr. Gravesen for enabling this basic dude with the resources to be able to enjoy such a magnificent sound.