The Loudspeaker-1, built by Daniil, Russia

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
First of all, thank you very much for your contribution to the DIY community!
I've build W15, small seas floorstander, TQWT, DTQWT, and finally the Loudspeaker.
I might be too biased in describing the sound after almost 8 months of work still, the Loudspeaker is the special one.
All of a sudden all the details come in a big coherent picture and the music which is supposed to be dynamic and loud is exactly dynamic and loud.
The sound scene is big and very defined and double bass, rim shots, and acoustic instruments come from the drivers very much like a real live performance.
As you supposed in the TL2 construction I've invested heavily in the midrange caps going to all Alumens and copper foil caps for horn and tweeter. Also, I've managed to get film caps for bass x-over at a good price,
The box is made of a 38 mm MDF+baltic birch sandwich with a separate enclosure for the horn. The boxes alone are above 260 kgs, had no chance to weight the entire speaker but it is unbelievably heavy.
I've also gone for a stainless steel base with nuts for spikes and wheels, will fit the spikes once I find the sweet spot for placing.