The Loudspeaker-2, built by Andrew

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen


I finished the speakers yesterday and I wanted to share a few pictures. Thank you for the well documented instructions. The build was straightforward and the crossover layouts were very helpful! I ended up splitting the cabinets into two pieces to make them a bit easier to move around. I got the inspiration from one of the other builders, Tobias, to split the cabinets.

The speakers only have ~6 hours of play time so far, but so far so good! They are quite dynamic and as other builders have pointed out, they have very nice low level dynamics. I am not the greatest at turning what I hear into words, so I will spare you any further attempts at describing the sound! I ended up using 24mm birch ply for most of the build. A shop near me had some maple veneered 24mm birch ply so I used that for the side panels. This is the first time I have tried a build where I had some grain matching to do and I have to admit it led to a bit of anxiety about the potential of goofing up a panel. The side panels are finished in Rubio Monocoat 2C and the rest of the cabinets are finished in DuraTex.
I am a remote worker and my desk is on the other side of the room where the speakers are located. I am looking forward to having these to listen to while working!
Thanks again