The Loudspeaker-3, built by Dominique, France
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
I must say i was really frightened. I didn't tell you bit it's my first DIY project....My wife controlled my soldering (she has learn that at electronic school). That's the only help I had (and yours for sure!).

The compression drivers soldering (aîe aîe aîe), than one FA501 which went always down to -40dB (probably a mistake in my orders), lots of frighten after a so long time working. And finally, since yesterday evening, it works. "Ouf" in french!

The medium needs to loose up (and perhap's it's because I've put all the delivered wool in the box too) but : the transparency is fantastic, the instruments timbre are so real.....the difference between the different  levels is so important than i discover new instruments. The separation between the different instruments is fantastic the highs (Jan Garbarek's saxophone) are very defined, strong, but not aggressive.....

I understand now why you write that these speaker comes nearby your quad electrostatic loudspeakers.

I will finish them properly (front grills, feet,), try REW, and then I'll write on your page.
Thanks a lot Troels, thanks a lot so many times....
Have a good day