The Loudspeaker-III, built by Harald, DE

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,

Attached you can find some pictures from my version of your TL 3.

The Faital drivers changed for a long period. But now I cannot identify any more changes, everything seems to be burnt in. To me the TL3 is a speaker with remarkable qualities. It is well defined, extremely fast and analytic. And it builds up the best soundstage I ever had in my living room.
If I had one wish free, it would be a TL 2.5: a 3-way speaker, with an 18‘’ bass in a closed cabinet and a ribbon tweeter. The latter would be fast enough to join the PA drivers and (I guess) there would be no need for a super-tweeter. The super-tweeter was the reason for my wife to say No! to the TL 2. ;-)
Something I tried and I think it was worth it: I damped the horn. I did it with rests of felt. I cut it into stripes and glued them into the furrows of the horn with Superfix. If my ears tell the truth, it brought an improvement by reducing the slightly technical sound of the horn.
Thanks again for your help with the filter upload!
Best regards