The Loudspeaker, built by Gary
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hope all is well and that life is treating you fairly!

I get bored easily, just moved again, beautiful condo with ocean and mountain views. High on the list when searching was to accommodate “The Loudspeaker” speakers. Some might say they are still too big for the room, but I’ve seen bigger speakers in smaller rooms.
I’m lucky that I have access to a full custom cabinet shop along with very good tooling, including panel saw’s, CNC, and paint booth. One of my friends programmed the CNC to cut out the front baffle, I kept tweaking, took 3 tries with standard MDF before I was finally happy to cut out in Medex. As you can see in the pics the front baffle is almost perfectly to your specs. Main exception is that the drivers are recessed and I have a 38mm radius on the vertical sides.
The cabinet is built around a 22mm solid Maple frame that I milled from rough planks with the shell consisting of a layer of 19mm Medex bonded to a 19mm layer of Maple plywood via a polyurethane adhesive. All the interior braces are 19mm Baltic Birch. All materials were sealed with clear lacquer.
I followed your details of dampening materials as far as the lambs wool and Acoustilux. For the felt I used denim insulation and I added bitumen to all the surfaces that did not have the polyurethane layer.
No time or expense was spared to properly prime, sand, final paint the exteriors with Cromax automotive paint.
The crossover components were used as designed by you and delivered by Jantzen, with the exception of the resistors. I substituted with Path Audio. I took the option of using an L-pad attenuator for the compression driver and Hypex 500 watt plate amps for the 18”.
For the super tweeter I recessed mini banana plugs into the top of the cabinet with the male end in the bottom of the mini cabinet. So the mini cabinet stays located in the correct location and easily removed for dusting. 
Still need to order a set of chrome trim rings for the mid 10” and 18”.
My current audio setup is a Magna Mano steamer to a RAKK DAC extreme that I built for the digital side and a Technics SP10 mkII/SME/Koetsu Urushi Black, McIntosh C2300 for the analog side. Amplification through a pair of Nelson Pass/Zen Mod designed Babelfish-J 100wpc monoblocks I built. All power cords, interconnects and speaker cables are by Transparent. 

This is the 8th set of speakers I’ve built in less than that many years. I believe these are the last last. At low volume you still receive more information than what I’ve heard before and when you need real concert level volume they deliver. I ran these up to 111 decibels for a couple of bass heavy songs to test out the speakers but mainly the Hypex modules. Was just bumping the red light warnings at this level. Ears hurt for a week!

The main feature I love is the sweet spot is so wide. Great for showing off. Don’t need to mark the floor for the “special” chair and take turns listening!

Here are some pics. Edit and use what is beneficial, sorry if too long. 

And thanks much again for all your effort and time in designing speakers that we can successfully build and guidance along the way. 


I’ve moved the amps to behind the speakers to gain more distance from the side wall, swapped the Loudspeakers, installed covers on the wiring to the TV, and put a more appropriate image on it.
Might make a better presentation than the last one I sent.

I feel like the music is cleaner/clearer? With these changes.

Still get shocked sometimes by the dynamics and quickness these speakers effortlessly display.