LPGear, The Vessel B3SS
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

My MC cartridges Ortofon Anna D and MSL Eminent EX are the ones usually accompanying each of my two turntables, Kuzma-1 and Kuzma-2. But I do have an MM cartridge, The Vessel B3SS, made in Japan for the American company LP GEAR.
The B3SS was recommended by a friend who is a dedicated MM/MI fan and its Shibata stylus and boron cantilever  were features that tickled my curiosity.
Setting it up for the first time I was impressed by its tracking ability, not so much for its channel separation. I found the soundstage narrowing in, not so much in depth, but more towards the center, but the ease of tracking whatever vinyl I put below it was impressive.
The reason for launching a few pics and comments here in 2022, a couple of years after I bought it, is that I was testing a cheap Chinese tube MM phonostage (don't ask which!) and needed an MM cartridge. So, having the Jelco TK850S on my Kuzma-2, it was an easy task to set it up.
Running the B3SS through my EAR-868PL MM phono stage and some Ellipticor quarterwave tubes, I was quite impressed from what I heard and thought I might have misjudged it the first time. Never say never, but try again in other constellations.



My Jelco fitted with the B3SS cartridge.

LP GEAR does not spend money on fancy "apple" packing, but what's needed is there.