The Loudspeaker, built by Bjarne, Denmark
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

This is a little story about The Loudspeaker, have now used it for about 6 month.
In many ways it is the best speaker I have build, and this is because of the way this speaker gives me the feeling  of real live music.
Take the 18” bass driver, it plays bass only when there is bass in the music, in the beginning I wondered why there was so little bass, compared to my former speaker (GR Research LS9).
But when there suddenly come deep notes from the record, the house is shaking…and another thing that make me wonder, it gives me very little trouble with the room.
Normally my LS9  gave to much bass where I have to place my speaker (regulate the area from 100Hz  -6db in my Jriver program)  this is not  required with the 18”.
Voices is very good, easy to understand the word from singer. Tweeter must be really good, acoustic  guitar sound so nice and clear, haven't heard this before.
And one of the really good thinks for me, the speakers give big sound, fill the hole room with music, An Evening with Godsmack on DVD ..when you first have heard this on big speakers, you'll newer return to small 2 ways, quietly music like 2 guitars  with-- Magna Carta: Ticket to the Moon DVD —sound really good.
Is there nothing bad I can tell about the speaker?  Yes there is, bad records sound terrible, it is mostly the lower horn that tell this record is bad. But that is OK, just play at lower level. Do I need to tell... dynamics are just second to none.

Gryphon Encore power amplifier, 2 x 500 watts
Preamplifier: DIYAUDIO  SALAS DCG3
DAC: Danish Mirand Audio, AK4493
Laptop with JRIVER  to USB
FIDELIZER, software for optimising PC for music


Troels Gravesen, April 2019:
A couple of weeks ago I made a visit to Bjarne, and I have to admit I hadn't heard what The Loudspeaker could really sound like in a proper sized room. Bjarne has a 50 sqm living room and I would have sworn the left speaker would have problems being stuck in one corner. It didn't! And I don't have any good explanation for this except the room size may pose optimal acoustic properties where room-nodes don't at any point become dominant.
Bjarne first tried the Hypex version but eventually settled on the fully passive version - and run by some 1000 rock solid Gryphon watts I've never heard anything like it. It was mind blowing!
Thanks Bjarne for taking the time - and to your wife for some delicious sandwiches and cake.