Vifa PL14WJ-09-08 + ScanSpeak R2604/832000

2-way or d'Appolito
Copyright 2009 Troels Gravesen

PL14WJ-09-08 no longer available and no replacement suitable, so only if you can find 2nd hand PL14 drivers.

CROSSOVER 2-way     CABINET 2-way

d'Appolito version       CROSSOVER d'Appolito version      CABINET d'Appolito

Download pdf data sheets on drivers:
PL14WJ09-08 - - ScanSpeak R2604/832000

The PL14WJ09-08 is to my ears one of the most smooth sounding 5" drivers ever made and no wonder it has been a steady driver in the Tymphany program for years and years. Due to cone geometry, coating and suspensions, it's got an even response all up to 7-8 kHz, allowing simple crossover construction. It's not particularly efficient, but the result is decent bass response down to 50 Hz in suggested cabinet. With a Qt = 0.36, it's a perfect driver for box simulation. Overall system sensitivity is around 84-85 dB/2.8 volts. The R2604/832000 tweeter is a well-proven tweeter too, so no further comments on this driver.

Box Calc. 2-way

Volume will be slightly reduced from drivers, bracing, port and crossover, but even with
11 liter volume port dimensions can be maintained without change to overall performance.
You may produce a higher cabinet to reduce depth from adding volume to the bottom of the
cabinet. Maintain placement of drivers with regard to upper edge of cabinet.

Crossover 2-way

Parts list for the 2-way system.

Download kit prices here.


Finished crossover.


Left: SPL of drivers in cabinet without crossover. Right: Merged SPL from final system @ 2.8 volts/1 meter distance.

Left: Point of crossover is 3.4 kHz. Right: Final system impedance. Minimum is 4 ohms at 600 Hz.

d'Appolito version
Copyright 2009 Troels Gravesen

Appetite for more PL14s? Here's a d'Appolito version.

Cabinet d'Appolito

Use vent 50 (ID) x 65 mm to produce port tuning ~48 Hz.

Crossover d'Appolito

Parts list for the d'Appolito system.

Download kit prices (pdf file) here.


Left: SPL of drivers mounted on shown front panel.
Right: SPL from finished system @ 2.8 volts, 1 meter distance. Blue = minimum phase.

Left: Blue = inverted tweeter polarity. Right: System final impedance.

Tweeter attenuation/R1011: 0R (red), 0R47 (green), 1R0 (blue). Take your pick!