SEAS W15CY001/Hiquphon OWI, built by Joffrey, NL
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Dear Troels.
Last week the DTQWT's were exchanged by the Super Mini Monitor's  in my (small) living room. The beautiful DTQWT's are now in a more dedicated listening room. The small ones are much more accepted by my wife and it gives the impression that our living room is not that small at all. Of course they look beautiful but also the sound is very nice. Quite a lot of bass, beautifull imaging and very sweet and detailed highs. Voices are super. The cabinets are build by my good friend John Eekels. It was at his place that I could admire these small wonders last year combined with his 300B SET. The finishing and electronics I wanted to do. I have built two pairs, an oak veneer version and a white piano lack. The oak version was for my brother, with the "cheapest" filter parts, which were already big and were a challenge to fit inside the cabinets. The second cheapest one, of the 4 quality options Jantzen Audio offers, are with the big beautiful wax coils wich never would fit inside the cabinets. Solution was to put the filter outside the cabinet in a seperate box, for which I took a HiFi2000 version. Thanks again Troels for sharing your great experience in very good sounding loudspeaker projects.
Kind regards, Joffrey Klein Ovink