ScanSpeak 15W/8530K00 + D2905/9700

I intended to call this a mini-monitor, but after having set up the system
I realised this was anything but a mini. Small in size, yes, but in sound it's
rivalling many 6"+1" floorstanders.

The ScanSpeak range of coated midbass drivers include the 15W/8530-K00 and the 15W/8530-K01, the latter with a smaller magnet compared to the -K00.
These drivers have - to my knowledge - an unsurpassed bass capability and an unusual upper frenquency extension only declining around 8-10 kHz. Almost full-range drivers. However, given the high quality of bass and midrange, I don't think anyone would even consider using them as full-range drivers. Below the FR of the 15W/8530K00 driver and the D2905/9700 tweeter without crossover. (FR = frequency response).

Red = 15W, blue = 9700. As can be seen, these drivers provide a major overlap and placing the drivers on a 19 x 300 mm baffle leaves some baffle step compensation for the W15 drivers to be done and the 9700 having a dip at 3.5 kHz and bump at 2 kHz will take some equalisation to get it right.
Placing the drivers in an 2pi environment produce a much better FR profile but this is mini and small it must be.

Series crossover for the W1500/97

Partly due to the large magnet and small baffle size, the W15 needs som equalisation in the midrange.
Shown here is the effect of the midrange notch filter.

FR of individual drivers and summed response. Point of crossover is close to 3 kHz.