built by Gennady/Russia

Hi Troels,
Last month I have finished my version of your W1500/97. The only difference from the original design that port is located on the front panel of the enclosure but this was the one of the reasons why I have started to play with DIY.
I have got two versions of cabinets – padauk and cherry finish. Cherry veneer was approved by my wife and finally this was the final decision.
I have came in to idea to use horribly expensive and large Mundorf Supreme capacitors for the tweeter in my final  version of crossover that’s why the crossover board also has been little bit modified. The sound is really great. Midrange is reach, treble is clean and accurate. The bass is amazing for this size of speakers. I already have moved my SVS subwoofer out to the garage and definitely will sell it. I really enjoy these speakers after having of JBL LX2005, Monitor Audio Silver 1-6, Gold 10 and Quad 12L.
Thanks a lot for your project.
Best regards,
Krasnodar, Russia

Thanks a lot for the comments and nice pics. Best regards Troels